Best and most trusted top 5 premium magneto 2 SEO plugins

Best Magento 2 SEO Extensions

What is the Magento 2? Magento 2 world’s best open-source e-commerce platform used for CMS (Content Management System).  It is developed by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner. This platform is released on March 31, 2007, and it’s mostly features are simple and quick to use that’s why it’s most popular in worldwide use for a […]

What is black hat SEO and what is the reason to avoiding it

In Search Engine Marketing , there are two types of way to do SEO ; white hat and black hat SEO White hat SEO is marketers are following search engine approved strategies and methods to use first website position in search engine . Black hat SEO refers those marketers create their own technic that against […]

Digital Marketing Experts warning – Don’t Buy Instagram Followers

Digital marketing experts warning their clients Don’t buy  Instagram followers. Because It’s not real , In that  type of  bought followers will not have further uploads. That is the reason  it’s called as boats. It will not help to grow your business and your social media profile account growth. In conclusion, these accounts are inactive accounts. In the Digital world […]