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Digital marketing experts warning their clients Don’t buy  Instagram followers. Because It’s not real , In that  type of  bought followers will not have further uploads. That is the reason  it’s called as boats. It will not help to grow your business and your social media profile account growth. In conclusion, these accounts are inactive accounts. In the Digital world everything available through shortcuts. But it’s not an good idea.

We can buy Instagram followers through shortcuts. it can be very tempting.

why not?  just look at this advertisement

“ Get Original Instagram followers within 5 minutes!”

” 70% off available- Limited offer valid 5 days “

“ Only AED 100  for 2000 Dubai followers. ”  ” purchase Now ”  ” look ? Tempting.

But let me warn you – Don’t purchase this kind of Services.

Everyone likes shortcuts. But this kind of shortcut never worth it. All digital marketers know the Instagram company will change their algorithm regularly. Because To find fake accounts and quality. In this article, I am giving a brief idea about how Instagram purchased followers will work – or rather how it doesn’t work. In my social media clients, I won’t suggest this kind of followers.

How Many Types of Instagram followers available to buy?

In the market, there are two types of Instagram followers available. Each having different types of results.

  1. Fake Followers 
  2. #FollowForFollow followers 

However, you can get fake followers very easy to buy. You need to pay money for this. This is the one type of follower. But Instagram can track this follower anytime and remove these followers from your Instagram. Moreover, you will not get any revenue or leads for your business.

In fake followers are two types.

      a. High-Quality followers

      b. Premium followers


      a. High-Quality followers

This type of followers same as a normal Instagram account. It will not update any further uploads. it’s normally called boats.

      b. Premium followers

These types of followers account look like Good profiles. These types of profiles visible as a lot of followers and a lot of uploads.

  1. #FollowForFollow followers

This method is based on Instagram etiquette. You follow one account, and another account follows you back. There is a lot of application available in android market and IOS market for this kind of follower growth. Normally after few days, another Instagram account that follows you there is a chance to unfollow you on that account. It depends on that account. But It’s a fact.

The fake followers’ method sounds better. Importantly, within minutes, we can get a lot of followers. In Conclusion, It’s not the way to increase organic growth.

How to affect buying followers to your brand ?

  • Fake followers have no further uploads available. In addition, you will never get any engagement in your post.
  • Your competitor and the Instagram company will easily identify these are fake followers.
  • Mismatch instagram engaement

Markerly analyzed the Instagram accounts lot of influencers and founded the following patterns: These are not exactly correct.

  1. Less than 1001 followers –  9% engagement
  2. 1000-10,001 followers – 5% engagement
  3. 10,000-100,001 followers – 3.4% engagement
  4. 100,001 followers-1 million followers – 1.9% engagement
  5. More than 1 million followers – 1.8% engagement

But  Anyone can Identify big differences .they will think  ” something fishy “

  • There is a chance to Instagram will suspend your account if you purchase this kind of fake followers.
  • This kind of followers won’t give any income to your business but their chance to your account will consider as spam.
  • Definitely, this kind of followers will affect your organic growth.

In other words, buying Instagram followers is not good for your account.