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In Search Engine Marketing , there are two types of way to do SEO ; white hat and black hat SEO

White hat SEO is marketers are following search engine approved strategies and methods to use first website position in search engine .
Black hat SEO refers those marketers create their own technic that against search engine strategies that techniques essentially ‘cheat’ the system

What is White hat SEO ?

White hat SEO is one of the method of website position result using approved search engine optimization tactics designed to increase methods rather than payment or spam, these are suggesting for organic results. white hat SEO Campaign will mostly focus on Quality of content and link building. Generally it is the opposite of Black Hat SEO .

What is Black hat SEO ?
Black hat SEO is one method that violate search engine guidelines to manipulate increase website ranking in a search engine result. This method is against the search engine guidelines and if search engine find that you are using black hat technic the website will be banned from the search engine. This disapproved practice commonly using hackers, virus creators.

Blackhat SEO Techniques

Search engine provide users with best result for their related searches. By using black hat techniques in short a period website ranking will be high. I am here introducing top 3 black hat techniques . However, I won’t recommend to use Blackhat techniques in your website. It will help to higher SERP positions in short a period, But there is a chance to blacklist your website

Top 3 Blackhat techniques

1. Keyword stuffing
2.Low-quality content
3.Paying for links

1. Keyword stuffing

Firstly, i will introduce Keyword stuffing method – It means stuffing your contents with keywords that you need. Everyone wants high SERP position also know the importance of the keyword ranking result. If we are using more keywords better chance of content ranking well.

2. Low Quality Content

Secondly, this another method . Before Google panda update 2011 search engines struggled to find duplicate content . low quality content content can rewrite
writer or computer software’s.

3.Paying for links

Paying for backlinks it is against Google guidelines it will help to ranking high . mostly people are purchasing backlinks for high rank results. It is tricky getting links to your websites .Lot of thirds party websites are providing paid backlinks .In conclusion these techniques are against google algorithm however, search engine easily track this tricky techniques and blacklist your website .That is the reason Blackhat SEO avoiding good marketers .