My First Website Story


I was in studying #Engineering when I launched my first Website.

That time i don’t have my own #laptop .

I was researched with my mobile, had learnt a lot about mobile & wanted to launch it as a website

But there were a few problems :
1. I don’t know how to make websites
2. I don’t know how to make traffic
3. I didn’t have a laptop to make a website

It was my second year of Engineering and my dad provided me one laptop .

many people thought i would end up doing “wrong things” instead of studying.

Little did they don’t know that I don’t really need to own a laptop to do “wrong things”

So here is what I did,

Watched videos on how to make the website during the day. After completion of website i tried to advertise through google.

That time google banned me from using Ad Sense for doing “wrong things” ha ha!

Today when I think about it,

Now i am doing many advertisement through google and Facebook .
Now my Facebook page reach is more than 1 million & more than 25,000 likes etc

Without discovering mobile there is no making websites

Without website there would be no Crazy Heads and without Crazy Heads, I might not have been a marketer

” So stop giving reasons & make it happen. The best is always yet to come. “

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